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June 13 - August 31

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Starting September 6

STEM Summer Camps Courses

We have a variety of summer camp courses for young coders and teens, ranging from beginner all the way to advanced levels.


During regular coding camps you will get to try a variety of activities, while advanced camps and boot camps have a singular focus.


Learn the language of the web by creating awesome animations and games that you can play right on your browser. This is a great way to understand how games are made.


We will show you how to create an iOS app from scratch, using the Swift 2 Programming language. You will learn valuable coding skills which you can apply by creating apps and uploading them to the App Store.


Have you ever wondered how robots work? We will show you how you can make an object move around and do anything you want! We even make cool videos and movies that you can show to friends.


We will give you a strong foundation in mathematics, whether you are learning to add all the way to calculus or SAT/ACT test prep. Good study habits are the cornerstone of a strong math foundation.


We will show you how to make games and animations with Scratch, a visual programming language created by MIT! This is a great intro to coding and will teach you the basics of its logic.


Take your Minecraft gaming to the next level! Come play Minecraft with all of your friends on ours or any server, learn to add mods to the Minecraft world and create your own Minecraft objects with Java.

3D Printing

3D printing is become extremely popular and is clearly the future of many industries (such as biomedical reconstruction). We will show you how to design and print 3D objects from scratch.


Learn how to manipulate metal, wood and electronics to create awesome devices that you can use at home! We will show you how to tinker with electornic hardware to understand programming logic.

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What People Say

Since our 9 year old son has started Brain Boost, he learned Scratch and now is programming on JavaScript. He is motivated in the class and at home to learn more as a result of going to Brain Boost. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable and helpful to all the students. I would highly recommend Brain Boost to elementary through high school students.

Our son is going into 4th grade this year, and we feel he is more prepared as a result of attending classes at Brain Boost. He is excited to learn programming and looks forward to going to Brain Boost each week.

After being with Brain Boost for more than 2 years I have seen myself improve greatly in multiple areas. For example, after just a few classes my test scores have grown from averages of B's to A's and A+'s due to the great emphases that Brain Boost puts on individual, focused teaching or one-on-one learning. On top of this, I have also learned multiple programming languages that will help me in this evermore increasing world of technology and computers.

Math + Coding = Analytical Thinking