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Brain Boost started in 2014 when Meghna Chavan, CEO & Founder, decided that she wanted to enhance her children's STEM (science, engineering, technolgy and math) education. To her dimsay, it was not easy to find an education center that truly focused on teaching these concepts in a manner that added value to their education. Instead, students spent most of their time playing games or pseudo-programming; in other words, they were not actually learning to create computer programs on their own!

Our methods focus on teaching children in a manner that draws their interest. For example, creating a Pac Man game from scratch or creating their own custom game or learning to move their favorite toys and objects with computer electronics. We have found that children themselves look forward to attending Brain Boost and even convince their parents of joining at times!

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We have decades of real world mathematical programming experience across Investment Banks and large technology companies. With management and computer science degrees from IIT, ITM and Columbia University of NY. we know what it takes to get in and succeed!


We track areas that your child needs to work on and focus extra effort in that space, moving them right along in their strong areas. With class sizes around 2-3 for most classes we can spend a significant amount of one on one time with every student.


We are a boutique independent learning center. This allows us to offer ever evolving curriculum, high quality education at competitive prices. We employ local, high caliber educators and pay them top dollar while still staying competitive due to our low overhead cost


We combine online audio/visual content that is always available for review combined with in-class instruction in a small group of maximum 5 students. We learn through solving problems in class together as a small group.

The TeamMeet the Team

Meghna Chavan

Meghna Chavan

CEO & Founder

Meghna started BrainBoost based on her own experience of raising kids in Fairfield, and missing a fun, high caliber computer and math coding center for her children. Prior to BrainBoost, Meghna has multiple startup experience in digital marketing and e-learning space. Meghna actively supports multiple charities in Fairfield County geared towards disadvantaged children.

Anand Chavan

Anand Chavan


Technology Leader leveraging my breadth of experience and competence to lead and influence the engineering, development and deployment of the next-generation of Enterprise, Big Data and Cloud information security solutions. I've split my time between big tech (CISCO) and financial technology firms including UBS, JP Morgan, Bear Sterns, Amaranth over 15 years.