Coding is behind all the technology we use in our lives. Every second, developments are happening in the world of code.

Coding holds the future for today’s youth. Jobs in technology are abundant and aimed at savvy young people. The key to making these bright opportunities accessible to future generations is transforming curriculum to be more fitting to the modern and changing world. It is critical for schools to incorporate 21st century skills, without compromising other subjects. This provides students with a well-versed education and a particularly strong skill set in coding, beyond typical computer proficiency.

Unfortunately, these transformations in schools, especially in the United States, are drastically behind their educational potential. With more instructional improvements, students could further develop vital skills like critical thinking and problem solving, as result of thinking by means of algorithm and computational thinking. These abilities are most obviously correlated to other academic subjects encompassed by the acronym STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math), but they can improve the way students approach problems in all disciplines, especially at home. Districts across the nation (and globe) see explicit improvements in standardized math test scores, as result of the integration of coding into the curriculum.

In the age of Common Core, education is supposed to be consistent in every American school. An emphasis on coding would further those goals listed by Common Core standards with the incorporation of coding into education. This ultimately will make future career fields of today’s students more available, with strong training accomplished.

Just as the standards stipulate, students will be able to critique the reasoning of others and evaluate questions and answers. Additionally, they will learn to persevere when a task is difficult and obtain crucial strategies for solving it, then connecting these skills to a greater understanding, as applied on standardized math test and beyond.

Introducing coding to children at a young age is a good way to ignite their passion for it as they grow older. Spend a little time each week inspiring them with the world of code, and watch it brighten their lives.


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