Brainboost SAT quick quiz!


Here at Brainboost we stress that the SAT is a standardized test – meaning that it does not measure a student’s performance but rather his or her relative performance as compared with other high school age test takers.

So, having a problem area with the topics on the SAT that is very uncommon would detrimentally affect your student’s score. On the flip side, being very competent in an area that nearly everyone else struggles with would very positively affect your student’s score.

Are there such problem areas that nearly every SAT test taker struggles with? Certainly. They exist particularly in math due to public school curriculums not being nearly as tough, comprehensive, or challenging as they could or perhaps ought to be. There may be one or two “hard” questions on a school math test, but, as your student still gets above a 90% (an A) even not understanding those problems, the concepts within never get learned properly. However, these concepts come back later on the SAT.

In our experience tutoring the SAT, algebra bad habits, wrong understandings, and unfamiliarity with how to proceed abound among students.

We’ve made this quick quiz to try and expose some of these issues. Enjoy!

Answers and explanations will come out in a future post.


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