Logo Brain BoostWhy Build Your Own Gaming Machine?

Building a computer from the ground-up has many benefits: it will show you how a computer functions, how all the parts interact with each other, how to test and diagnose problems, you'll get comfortable dealing with electronic parts (including safety), and you will gain the ability to purchase cheap (even used) computer parts and put them together to create a very affordable gaming computer.

In the first class come prepared with your budget and intended goals (what games you want to run,etc.). We will discuss how to compose a build parts list and source the parts used or new (depends on budget). Students will place the orders and class will resume once they have arrived for everyone or nearly.

In later classes we come with the parts and learn how to assemble a computer, test each part, and diagnose and troubleshoot issues. We will also install an operating system and learn how to deal with drivers and other software related hardware issues.

Sample < $300 build that can run CS:GO at 60fps (better performance at lower cost possible with used parts)
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Schedule by Location

  • Week 1: Friday February 5th, 5pm-7pm
  • Week 2: Friday February 19th, 5pm-7pm
  • Week 3: Friday February 26th, 5pm-6:30pm
  • 150.00

What You Will Learn

Understanding Computer Parts 95%

Learn How Parts are connected 90%

Know Which Parts to Buy 85%

How to Build a Gaming PC 82%

Team-building activity 70%