Monday - Friday
4:00PM - 6:30PM

Schedule & Pricing

See our FAQ here.

Times Price (monthly) Length Frequency
4-6:30pm 150 60 min. 1X p/week

Students will have the option of choosing 30 min. of math and 30 min. of coding or they can also pick 1 full hour of either. Low student-to-teacher ratio.

Math Brain Boost
Curriculum Brain Boost

Class Details

  • Custom Curriculum:We have a custom curriculum that covers local requirements and draws from the large volume of material we have created over the years as well as online material we have filtered and incorporated into our learning.
  • Build Math Skills: Each 1 hour class is split between coding and math, spending 30 minutes on each topic. We can also have the entire hour dedicated to Math. With follow up material optionally provided we ensure that your child is spending appropriate time on math skills every week.
  • Online Academy:We have our own online academy with practice questions, tests and other online educational material that supplements our classroom teaching.

Our Strategy

  • 4:1 Student-to-Teacher Ratio: Our teaching method is tailored for each individual student and our classes have a maximum student-to-teacher ratio of 4:1.
  • Personalized teaching:We focus on each student and move them at their own pace, with a small class size we can do that easily. We keep learning engaging and fun while focusing on math fundamentals.
  • Problem Solving:Unlike big name competitors with focus on repetitive calculations, our focus is on problem solving. We focus on word problems, multiple concept combining problems with elements of critical thinking as well as calculation skills.
Math Strategy
Staff Fair Brain Boost


  • Experienced Staff: Our goal is to provide the best education and experience during robotics, which is why we make sure our staff is properly trained to work on topic and patiently with kids.
  • Fun, Energetic Environment: At Brain Boost we want to learn, but most importantly make sure we are enjoying it! We take pride in our fun, energetic environment that will allow students to expand their imagination and have a blast.
  • Small Class Size: We want to make sure that each individual student has all of the attention needed, so our classes remain small.


What is the Class Schedule

We offer Elementary classes from M- F : 4:30pm to 6:30pm.You can pick and choose the day and the time to start the class . Example: Thursday 5 to 6.

What if I miss a class

Makeup policy: No worries you can do your makeup within two weeks of the missed class.Please let us know in advance the makeup date.

How long are the classes for

We meet once in a week on the day you choose when you signup for one hour. The hour is split half and half between Math and Coding . You get total 4 classes for the whole month.

What if I choose to do one hour of coding only and Not Math

Yes. You can choose to do one full hour of Math OR one full hour of coding. Instead of splitting half hour for each Subject.

Is There any Contract

No there is no contract with Brain Boost. 15 Day notice is good for us.

What is the student to teacher Ratio

We have two to three students to one teacher in a class.