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Schedule & Pricing

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Location Class Price (monthly) Time Frequency
Fairfield Java Oracle Certification 300 60 min. 2X p/week

Java Certification Brain Boost


What if I miss a class or cannot make it

You can make up any missed class two weeks after the original date. Please get in touch and we will work with your schedule.

Should I have any experience in coding

We recommend taking the Introduction to JavaScript for 3 months, although this is not a requirement.

Where can I find information on the Java Oracle Certification

Oracle has all of the information on the Java Oracle Certification on their website, including exam dates, pricing and any other details. Follow this link to read more.

How is Brain Boost's offering different

We have real world programmers teaching our Java Certification course. This certification is provided by Oracle, the creator of Java programming language. With our practice material, our test taking strategies we work hard with your child on the certification exam preparation.

When can I sign up for a free tryout class

You can take a free tryout class during any of our Friday 5-6:30pm classes. If that time slot does not work for you, please get in touch with us regarding other possibilities.

How difficult is the Java Oracle Certification Exam

The Oracle certification exam is quite difficult. It is not uncommon for students to take it multiple times before attaining a passing score. Remember, it is a professional certification, so even professional programmers take this. However, with the right preparation any student can be prepared for this exam.